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The Scarlet Pimpernel's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Scarlet Pimpernel

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[01 Nov 2006|10:48pm]
I love SP!!! Great to know others do as well.

I didn't know that they had an opera (or ballet) of it, wow! I'm a fan of the books, and hav read a few of them.
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[25 Nov 2005|12:08pm]


hey all, OMG iv only just found this community, i love the scarlet pimpernel.

The Operatic society i am in, did the scarlwtt pimpernel, it was awesome. I was a principal dancer. I danced alongside Marguerite in "storybook", i was a tart who came onto chauvelin in the "bistro" and I was in line to be beheaded in "madame guillotene" and i also was in line to be lead to the guillotene in "Il forget you"

my fav songs have to definatly be

Storybook and Madame Guillotene.

I love the french verse from story book.

Et sur mon ma neige l'amore tue jours et chan ton, de me reve se le commance mon, et je spere un fair eu re se mais la fan deux listoire nei ven pas tres dous mon pour listoire il fait faux cem blant seur j'naime pas que me rev suer me rev.

the spelling might be a  bit dodgy lool

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[22 Oct 2005|05:31pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

ohhhh! Hello.....demmed, this is cool!

I'm a big Pimpernel fan, always have been since I watched the A&E series with Richard E. Grant, who has the most gorgeous eyes. I love the books too and the Anthony Andrews/Jane Seymour thing.........Love it all!

Favourite line : "Why, Cheffelon! That cravat looks like a whore's handkerchief!"


I shall be enjoying this mucho. I even went to Richmond last year for the hell of it! And went to paris too.....No percy in sight.




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[15 May 2004|05:41pm]

I have just started a Scarlet Pimpernel site dedicated to Sir Percy yesterday.

It's still under construction, but the main page, who, and why page work.

For my why page, I'd like people to contribute reasons why you love Sir Percy. (And just let me know what you think of the site! it's my very first fan site for anything!)

Demmed Elusive Pimpernel

When you give in ideas, let me know what your name and e-mail is so I can give you credit for it!


[Edit]: If you have Fanart, or fanfiction, or ANYTHING, sites/media/etc that you'd like to have archived, just e-mail it. I'll have most of this site up by the end of this week, hopefully.
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Just Joined [07 Apr 2004|06:17pm]

Hi My name is Jessica and I just joined. Recentally I become to love this play since my Drama Club just did it on March 25,26,27. I loved it, it was so much fun. We all had a blast, it was our best play to come out of sachem ever. I was playing Mercier. I know I am a girl but we were out of boys. But I had lots of fun.
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[26 Jan 2004|03:19pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Sorry... this is a little off-topic... but does anyone know where I can get a DVD version of The Scarlet Pimpernel? I've been able to find it at HMV et cetera, but it's the wrong version - I'm looking for the one with Jane Seymore, Ian McKellen, et al.
If anyone couold point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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They Seek him here... [20 Jun 2003|03:37pm]

[ mood | productive ]

I like to give a shout out to everyone in this community. I actually saw the 1982 version of the Scarlet pimpernel 2 years ago back when I was a sophmore. We were studying the French Revolution then and our teacher showed us that movie. Since then I have been a huge addict of the SP. I literally drive my friends nuts when i mention the subjectt. I haven't seen the play yet on stage but I am planning on seeing a show next week near my city.

I currently own the 1982 version, the 1999 version, the soundtrack, a HUGE collage, and 2 of Orczy's books. I even went so far to get the Life and Exploits of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Hahaha consider me crazy!!

Anywho, I am currently active in 2 RPG's so far surrounding the SP. I was wondering whether Suzanne de Tournay and Sir Ferris were available to play? If so I would love to play them. Thanks! For a preview of my current RPG I am in go to:


Also I'm curious: Is there any way I can order a copy of the Bravo version of the Scarlet Pimpernel? I so can not believe they killed Marguerite off and Percy is hooking up with that one sleeze bag. Ugh... Bunch of stupid idiots.

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[19 Apr 2003|02:29pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi, I'm new here. And sort of a new fan too, I guess. I saw The Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway a few years ago and LOVED it. Since then I've bought the soundtrack and lately I've been getting really into it, more so than I ever have before. So I went to Broadway.com to see if I could maybe find some video clips or something, and when I went to the "select a show" section they didn't list The Scarlet Pimpernel. So, I know this is probably an incredibly stupid question, but is it still on Broadway? Or touring? Or anywhere? Because I'm dying to see it again and it would be such a shame if such a wonderful musical simply wasn't around anymore. So let me know.. Thanks!

<33 Ellen

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broadwaysinger [26 Mar 2003|05:46pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

My newest community is broadwaysinger. Please join if you have atleast one Broadway show tune in your repertoire. Also talk about favorite Broadway singers, Broadway shows and the like. Hope you join and have fun as well!

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[06 Dec 2002|09:06pm]

A little note..

I'm going to push to get a journal RPG started. That is basicly where you have one journal dedicated to just that character.. like if the character had a diary. You need to have a lj user name, icon, and layout that is based on that character (although it's not necessary). If you'd like to do this, sign up for a character by commenting or emailing me or commenting on my journal. Thanks!
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[01 Dec 2002|02:23pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Sadly, this journal has become rather vacant as of late. I really regret that, too. With the beginning of school, I lost all my free time. And with that, I lost track of this journal.

I know many of you are interested in RP, and so I thought of you guys when I joined this yahoo scarlet pimpernel group. I'm not sure on which characters are open, but you're welcome to come join!

Click to subscribe to pimpernel_revolution

Hopefully i can get this community busy again!
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[06 Aug 2002|11:36am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey...Is anyone here?

lady_blakeney? Is anything happening? Ever?

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[16 Jul 2002|12:41am]

[ mood | awake ]

As promised, for those of you who would like to point and laugh at the monstrosity that is the A&E / BBC Scarlet Pimpernel, here is the times ( In Eastern Time. )

Scarlet Pimpernel Viewings on BRAVO!;

Sunday, July 21st at 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM. (Scarlet Pimpernel - Friends and Enemies)

Sunday, July 28th at 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM (Scarlet Pimpernel - A Good Name)

Monday, July 29th at 5:00 PM (Scarlet Pimpernel - A Good Name)

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[15 Jul 2002|10:59pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Oh my god, the insanities.

I mentioned a few weeks/months ago about a rumor of a fourth video from the A&E / BBC version of our beloved Pimpernel.. Well.. Just horrifying news; It's already out and I've seen it.

I could only stomach watching an hour or so of it, and this is what I saw;
Returning from France, Percy dashes into the "Hall" calling out for Marguerite. Instead, all the servants arrive and one is carrying a child and informing Sir Percy that Marguerite died in childbirth. I was actually 'impressed' by Richard E Grants performance for a few scarce moments, like when he sulks around. But, he acts like he doesn't give a damn about their baby girl (he doesn't name her and sends her to live with someone else, a wet nurse I believe.. I'm not sure on that though.) and instead he stands outside and is rude while he burns Marguerites dresses. Then it shows him at a ball and all his friends are like "Oh you should get over it. It's not that big of a deal." o_O Excuse me! But the Bounders/League would be just as upset as Percy about her death! GRR! I cannot believe the evilness of BBC and A&E.. But it gets better.
It strongly hints at a relationship between a headstrong citoyenne that Percy has just rescued even before Percy learns of Marguerites death! I turned it off when it showed them talking. It sickened me, really. I couldn't finish watching it.. the acting was horrible. I can't believe how they've twisted our beloved story!
And, it came on Bravo instead of A&E.. it was called "The Scarlet Pimpernel; Ennui". I'm going to go search for more times that it comes on, if you guys can stomach watching it..

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Hi~ [30 May 2002|08:02pm]

[ mood | fancy~ ]

I'm a relative newcomer to the entire SP scene--having only read the book and hearing only three songs from the musical, which I really really want to see. *_*

Since I've done a couple of Percy Blakeney(sama) oekakies, I think I'll post them here. Well, I'll post one and a link to the replay of the other.

A short slideshow involving, in order, an original character named Castanet, Percy Blakeney looking really effeminate o_o() with some hard-to-read-before-they-disappear lyrics from "The Creation of Man," and a very special message for everyone.


Isn't he pretty?

I'm wondering if I can possibly take the Percy part in the RPG, although I've no idea if I'll do a really good job or anything. x X()

Oh, and I forgot to do this the first time:

Character You Desire: PERCYPERCYPERCY. Erm. Percy Blakeney. X3
Have you read the book: Yesu~
How Many SP Books Have You Read: Er, just The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy...
Have you seen the Play: No, sadly enough ;-;
How many times: None...
Have you seen any of the movies: No, but I'd like to...
Which movies: Hopefully the 1982 one sometime in the future...
Favorite(Book/Movie/Play): Can honestly say the book, although the musical sounds like it has some quality songs!
Favorite Character: Guess. Hint: It's Percy, followed by Margeurite followed by Chauvelin followed by Armand St. Just.

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[28 May 2002|11:11pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I know a few of you are interested in getting the RPG started, so if you wish to participate please respond stating which character you wish to portray. I am going to role-play Marguerite, the rest of the characters are open.

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About the RPG [27 May 2002|05:11pm]

Since I just joined, I would like to see if females can steal the male role-ish things for the RP?
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[15 May 2002|09:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I need the biggest favor.

I've got this idea for a fanfiction, but i need to know the Marguerite/Chauvelin part of the Broadway Play/Musical version of Scarlet Pimpernel. Needless to say, I haven't seen it due to lack of it being in my area. So, if anyone is willing to give me info on Margot and Chauvelins scenes together and what exactly happened, i would be very much in debt to you!

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[14 May 2002|08:51pm]

Hi! My name is Melody. I love The Scarlet Pimpernel and...that's why I'm here.

Character You Desire: One of the guys, I guess. Andrew or Tony. Probably Andrew.
Have you read the book: Quite a few times.
How Many SP Books Have You Read: Just the one. I tried to find others, but I think they're all out of print.
Have you seen the Play: No, I heard it was really bad.
How many times: N/A
Have you seen any of the movies: Yes
Which movies: The 1982 one and the one with David Niven, which was called "The Elusive Pimpernel".
Favorite(Book/Movie/Play): Book
Favorite Character: Percy
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[07 May 2002|09:44am]

[ mood | sick ]

Here's an email from me to Esther, the owner of the site with the information about the 4th A&E Pimpernel movie, and her response:

Date/Time of Posting: Apr 21 2002 / 09:22:06

name = Marguerite
email = MargueriteBlakeney@hotmail.com
sign_guestbook = no
fav__character = Marguerite
comments = I am writing about your information on the '99 A&E presentation of
The Scarlet Pimpernel. Where did you find out about a 4th movie coming out and
that Marguerite will be killed off?

Hi there,

It was said through the SP mailing list a while ago. I have not been keeping up
with SP updates - because of school taking too much of my time. I'm not even
sure if the 4th movie was out yet! it should have been out a while ago. but i am
not sure.

sorry if i wasn't much help. if you find anything out, i would be greatful if
you would email me. oh, and sorry for the late reply, i went on a 2 week
vacation to HK between semester break (back to school tomorrow!..dreadful!)

nevertheless, thanks for visiting my website!
webmistress to Esther's SP site

webmistress to Esther's SP site

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